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U-KISS @ FIRST KISS live Osaka & Tokyo ^^

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Track Title: [OFFICIAL] HER

Artist: 블락비 (Block B)

Album: HER


my life is just one unattainable dark-haired guy after another 

Ladies + sweets

Track Title: Pacific Rim

Artist: Ramin Djawadi


The film starts with this track, and man, it is one hell of an opening. Sounds even better in the theater.

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awings asked: "Orange, white."

Already answered white~ 

6 facts about my home town:

  • It’s really small (less than five miles wide all around).
  • 4/5 people don’t know where it is unless I mention one of the the three cities surrounding it lol. 
  • It has its own school district.
  • My hometown used to be an orange grove years ago. 
  • Where I live is considered the “better side” of town, we have less crime in my area. 
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic grew up here too.